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Website Design

Web design encompasses more than just looking good. To have an effective website, it must not only look good, but it must also be easily navigable and guide visitors toward the purpose of the site. Do you want to inform your city about the advantages of doing business at your store, or do you want to sell a product online to the world. Whatever your reason for creating a website, it must be clear and concise, uncluttered by unnecessary words and images, pointing your visitors to what they came to see. That is the essence of good web design.

At mellonstock, not only is aesthetics and usability kept in mind, but also the search engines. 90% of people looking for something on the internet use a search engine to find it. If you are not in a search engine or if your site is not designed to be "search engine friendly", then no one will find you. All sites designed by mellonstock are designed and developed to be found by all of the major search engines.

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